Oil Change Misconception

Is an Oil Change, just an Oil Change?

Many people wonder why the price for oil changes varies so dramatically from shop to shop. You can drive down the street and probably pass by 5 different shops with 5 different prices, ranging from a measly $8 up to $60. There will always be coupons from the big name franchise shops in the Sunday paper, or plastered up on billboards. So what’s the difference between these shops you ask? That’s easy – QUALITY. Quality in the oil, inspection offered, and most of all, the technicians.

Most designated “lube only” shops will forego a vehicle inspection, as their main priority is to get you out of there in record time. For us, our main priority is making sure you are on the road with safe, dependable transportation. Every time you bring your vehicle in to our shop, we perform a comprehensive inspection on your vehicle from bumper to bumper.

Last year, we purchased state of the art tablets for our A.S.E Certified technicians to perform these inspections. There are over 75 different components we check during this inspection! We pull all four wheels and thoroughly inspect the brake system, suspension, undercarriage and go through the engine area with a fine tooth comb. With their tablets, they go through these said components and note their condition (good, worn, broken etc.). When the electronic inspection sheet gets submitted, it will go straight to my computer, and I can determine what repairs and maintenance are recommended now, and what can be performed down the road. We top off this great service with high quality Castrol engine oil, and a premium oil filter.

We know we can sacrifice using cheaper oil and not performing an inspection to get more customers in the door; but why? We treat every vehicle like our kids are going to be sitting in the back seat, and our Parents, or Wife or Husband is at the wheel. Bottom line: We care.

So next time you’re driving down the street, remember, when you see that cheap price – that’s all you’re getting. Price and price alone. Invest in your vehicle, and it will in turn, take care of you.


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